Experts in implementing air-conditioning solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

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In the field of air conditioning, at SUITELEC we develop projects taking into account the latest technological advances that provide our clients with efficiency, comfort, energy savings and respect for the environment.

Our air conditioning department carries out a preliminary analysis of the internal and external conditions of the space to be treated; thermal loads of the building, noise, environmental pollution and location of the equipment. With all this, our team designs and optimises the installations to be executed and the most suitable and efficient equipment for each case and with the premise of maximum comfort, with the greatest energy savings, the most efficient possible and respect for the environment.

SUITELEC develops projects of:

Gas air conditioning.
Water-based air conditioning.
Boilers and A.C.S. networks.
Cold water production.
Solar thermal energy installations.

In this way, we cover our customers where we are present; industry, tertiary sector, commercial and leisure sector, construction and individuals.