With SUITELEC, you are relying on a technology partner who will provide you with comprehensive support in the automation and control of your processes: technology-independent and future-proof. From individual components to ready-to-install solutions and complete automation concepts.

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PLC programming

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming is used for the automation of electromechanical processes, an example being the control of machinery in a factory as part of an industrial process.  PLC systems are used for small projects as well as for those that require complex control systems. At SUITELEC we work with the entire portfolio of industrial manufacturers.

 Nowadays there are a multitude of PLC programming applications in modern industry. Among its advantages is that it requires little material for its manufacture.

SCADA programming

At SUITELEC we also program SCADA systems. This type of software allows companies to control and supervise all types of industrial processes. Among all its features, these are some of the ones that make it a very attractive software for companies:

– Remote supervision and control of installations
– With SCADA programming, it is possible to work in a network.
– Data processing and report generation
– Sending of alarms derived from failures or irregularities in the process.

Electrical control panels

We work to innovate and develop the best control panel design and manufacturing techniques, which will result in improvements within our customers’ production facilities. We firmly believe that the constant evolution in terms of technologies and techniques, as well as in new control and instrumentation products, generate a great advance in terms of efficiency.

We manufacture electrical control panels for Industrial Automation and Instrumentation.

We offer turnkey solutions in automation and control processes that begin with the identification of the client’s needs and the design of the project, and are completed with the assembly of the installations and the commissioning of the systems and machinery for the supervision, management and control of industrial processes.

Why automate my plant and make it Industry Ready?

1º To provide flexibility and scalability of production processes.

Through the introduction of software and technologies that enable the automation and control of industrial processes, production does not generate errors of any kind and does not stop at any time.

2º Cost reduction

Implementing industrial automation solutions in a company streamlines work, time and money, generating benefits practically from the moment of implementation.

3º Automation and total control of all processes.

Introducing sensors in industrial devices allows us to monitor in real time all the data of the production process.