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The greatest reward for our work is a well-developed project and a satisfied client.

What do we do?


We specialise in integration services, engineering and development of technological solutions, providing added value to our clients and collaborators.

Project development

We develop integral industrial and commercial projects.

We standardise all your processes, with work methodologies that ensure real-time communication with customers and suppliers, guaranteeing at all times, preventive and corrective activities, for the fulfilment of the required planning and quality.

Software development

Our experience in all PLC’S/SCADA control systems, and qualified personnel, allows the customer to find the best solution for their industry, and guarantee the correct operation of the same.

We design specific software solutions, which are adapted to the customer’s needs.

We are experts in Iot systems, guaranteeing the correct capture of data from a plant, being the perfect nexus for IT solutions.


We offer maintenance and SAT services in all the services we provide.
We believe that the fundamental basis for achieving continuity and guarantee in a process or installation is correct prevention and prediction.

We have our own CMMS system, which guarantees the client, and for certain sectors, the digitalisation and correct control of their maintenance.

Research and innovation

Innovation is part of our company’s DNA.

Suitelec is currently working on innovative projects, as well as on its own lines of research for product development.

3 Software development projects for digitalisation products.
2 Projects for the manufacture of machinery and logistics solutions.

Our clients

Quality and transparency guaranteed

In management

SUITELEC was founded in 2007 and has become a leading company in the engineering, software development and implementation of technological solutions sector, standing out for offering the development of industrial, commercial and renewable energy projects.

It has professionals and specialised technicians with extensive experience in different sectors.

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Water and environment

Food Industry


Animal feed industry

Heavy and mining industry

Plastics industry

Textile industry

Construction, civil engineering and public works

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